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    We began our business only doing short sales many, many years ago (1990’s through early 2000) . We needed to expand to the needs of the community. Most families that are in Pre-Foreclosure ( Notice of Default or Notice of Trustees Sale ) usually have Equity in their homes, and are at an extreme risk of loosing a large portion of or all of their Equity. They needed our help. Yes, we continue to do Short Sales but, most of our current business is helping families Save Their Home and Save Their Equity.


    For more than 30 years, I’ve been helping California Families AVOID FORECLOSURE by either helping them keep their home or selling their home fast before the banks, lenders, and investors can drain their Equity right out from under them!

    So, My name is Blaine Loudenback

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    Trustees Sale, Days Away?

    DO not panic but CALL US immediately at 714-812-9773. Even if your foreclosure date is days away, we may be able to delay or even STOP the Foreclosure Sale. Many homeowners feel that when they receive a Notice of Default or Notice of Trustees Sale, all of their options are gone. This is not true, as we know, the lender will try to avoid the more costly foreclosure process. We know how to encourage them and sometimes force them to cooperate with us. We have an excellent track record of successfully obtaining postponements of foreclosure sale dates. You must act immediately though, don’t wait!

    COVID-19 Foreclosure

    Are you one of the people that has lost their job or had a pay cut because of Covid-19. You are not alone. Right now it is said that 5% of homeowners are behind on their payments and facing foreclosure because of the pandemic. That is 1 out of every 20 homeowners. It is being said that months from now it’s going up to 10% to 15%. Maybe even more here in California. Find out now how we can help you!

    COVID-19 Forbearance Ending?

    It sure sounded good when banks were offering borrowers forbearance because of the pandemic. The banks never stated how the money was to be paid back though. Has the bank informed you that your monthly payments are now going up? Is the NEW PAYMENT above what you can afford?

    Does this seem unfair? Has your bank stopped listen to you or stopped trying to help you anymore? We have the information you need along with your options.

    Received a Notice of Default?

    It was probably very unsettling to you when you were not able to make your monthly payments. The bank has now decided to begin the foreclosure process by filing a Notice of Default. You probably tried to negotiate with your bank but they stopped listening and stopped trying to help you. You have a very serious situation going on. Contact us, so you know all of your options, and can get your solutions.

    What Is A Short Sale

    Do you owe more on your property than it’s worth? A short sale can be a great option for homeowners who are facing the danger of a foreclosure. Short sales allow homeowners to sell their property for less than what they owe, rather than have it taken away by the Bank /Lender by means of a Trustees Sale (Public Auction Sale). This will destroy your credit. We are experienced in short sales and have a high success rate in closing short sales. Find out now how we can help!


    First and foremost we listen to you. We get as much information about your situation as we can. We then use our experience and knowledge to come up with all of the options available to you so that a solution can be created to get you out of the financial situation your currently in. Our goal is to help bring you out of your current financial situation so that you can begin enjoying your life again and start rebuilding. If needed, this includes referring you to a competent Bankruptcy attorney that specialize in Real Estate foreclosures.

    Property Investors

    We know you have been hit very hard by the government telling people they don’t have to pay rent

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    Here is a list of The Reasons Many People Call Us

    • COVID-19 Job/Income Loss
    • COVID-19 Forbearance Ended
    • Facing Foreclosure
    • Change in Loan Terms/ Higher Interest Rates/ Higher Payments
    • Divorce
    • Job Transfer/ Relocation
    • No Equity
    • Unable to Refinance

    • Job Loss/ Unemployed

    • House/ Apartment Needs Repairs
    • Medical Illness or Medical Expenses
    • Credit Card Debt
    • Investment Loss
    • Increased Living Expeses
    • Bad Tenants/ Not Paying Rent
    • Tired of Fighting With Your Bank

    • Thinking of Filing Bankruptcy

    “WOW, You guys Are Amazing – Your Our Heroes”

    “WOW – I don’t really know what else to say. Everything you said you could do for us, came true. I searched the web high and low and you guys at GetAShortSale.com blew me away. We were so close to loosing everything! Blaine, we wanted to thank you and your team for all your hard work. We are really looking forward to rebuilding our financial life again! Thank you so much for your help and expertise. WOW – AMAZING”

    – John and Marta

    Don’t Make These Common Mistakes


    Talk To Bankruptcy Attorneys Directly

    Bankruptcy attorneys are quick to help you file bankruptcy. They promise your debts will disappear. They won’t usually tell you of all your other options though. Also, and most importantly, most don’t specialize in real estate foreclosures. If they don’t do it right, this can come back to haunt you in the future.

    Bankruptcy stays on your record for 7 years, making your futures, actual and financial life, miserable. There may be many more options that fit your specific situation better.


    Sell Straight to an Investor

    Investors that Call, Mail or knock on your door that offer cash for your property aren’t there to help you. They are their to make themselves wealthy. They want to steal your homes equity and leave you with pennies on the dollar and no place to call home.

    Don’t fall for the quick payout when you have many other options.

    “You Gave Us So Many Options, Thank You for Caring for Us”

    “I don’t know what we would have done without you Blaine. The bank told us they were foreclosing and we saw no way out. With your help, we kept our house and avoided bankruptcy.”

    _Paulo M.

    Why Should You Trust Me To Help?

    My name is Blaine Loudenback. I’m a family man and a lifelong Californian.

    As a Certified Distressed Property Expert, I’ve been helping families avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy for more than 30 years.

    I treat my clients like family and FIGHT for their financial well-being against a system designed to bleed them dry.

    Where most realtors see hassle, paperwork, and little room for profit, I see opportunity to improve lives and help families like yours out of seemingly impossible situations.

    If you are having a hard time paying your mortgage…

    I have developed what I call a Social Enterprise as a method to help families in society that are in financial trouble. I have built a team of very helpful and highly skilled individuals and companies, to help in all aspects of assisting people that have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. Here are some of the ways we help families:


    1. Saving your homes Equity

    2. Slow down or even STOP the foreclosure process

    3. Saving your home. Where you get to keep it.

    4. Give you time to regroup!

    5. Avoid financial ruin

    6. Get banks and lenders off your back

    7. Repair your credit legally

    8. Refinancing

    9. Loan Modifications

    10. Hard Money Loans

    11. Renovation specialist

    12. Trash-out companies

    13, Specialized Bankruptcy Attorneys

    14. Specialized Investors (if all-Cash Offers are needed/required)

    14. Specialized Escrow and Title Companies

    15. Get the most equity out of your home as possible when and if your ready to sell

    16. And MORE ( we have someone to help and meet every possible need you might have )…

    What Sets Us Apart

    We have the True Answers and Options to all of your Pre-Foreclosure (Behind on your Payments), (Notice of Default “N.O.D.”), (Notice of Trustees Sale “N.O.T.”) Questions and Needs.

    We have an extremely high success rate in stopping foreclosures.

    We value the people we do our work for and are passionate about helping homeowners find real solutions to their financial distress by providing honest, caring and successful alternatives to their situation. Whether that is saving your home or selling the home before your bank, lender or an investor drains all of YOUR EQUITY!

    Experience and Dedication Makes the Difference!

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    How Close to Foreclosure Are You?


    How Fast Can We Help!

    Foreclosure can be a long and painful process. Knowing how the process works can help you come out of it with your sanity and dignity in tact


    Notice of Default

    When the bank decides to begin the foreclosure process, it starts by filing a Notice of Default. By now, you’ve probably tried to negotiate with your bank but they stopped listening and stopped trying to help you.

    You have a serious situation going on. Contact us so you know all of your Options and can get Solutions. You might think you have time. Let me share that every week that passes, you have a very large probability that you will loose thousands of dollars in equity. Please don’t take this lightly!


    Notice of Trustees Sale

    Receiving this notice means the bank has started the clock on the auction of your home. The trustee of the bank that has the mortgage on your home plans to sell your home out from under you in approximately 21 days. You are at a critical point now. Time is not on your side. You MUST ACT NOW! You are now potentially loosing thousands of dollars daily in equity. Every day counts at this time in the process.

    There are ways to stop or stall the process even at this stage. Call us before its too late.



    The last stage of foreclosure is the auctioning of your home by the bank or trustee. You have LOST YOUR PROPERTY at this point. We don’t want to see you get to this point. The home has now been sold out from under you. Overall, all that equity you had, is now gone! There is plenty that can be done to keep your home from being auctioned out from underneath you. PLEASE, DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

    Let us talk you through the options available, no matter what stage you’re in, and help you save your home.

    Experience Counts!

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