Stopping Foreclosure

(TIME IS AN ISSUE HERE). There is no time to waste!

If you are in foreclosure and especially if a Trustees Sale is scheduled to occur within days, you still might have a chance to stop the sale! We have an excellent track record of successfully obtaining postponement of foreclosure sale dates.

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We understand you may be experiencing financial difficulties due to reasons beyond your control. These financial issues may have resulted in your falling behind on your mortgage payments and heading you toward you loosing your family home and ALL of the Equity you have built up over the years.

When you fall behind on your mortgage payments, things start to happen quickly. In most cases, these things are unpleasant or even frightening. Notices begin to appear in your mailbox, your phone begins to ring unmercifully, and the lender who loaned you the money for your home is not as friendly anymore.

Worse still, many people (mostly investors) try to contact you (even show up at your front door) to take advantage of your situation. It seems incredible that anyone would prey on those who are struggling to pay their bills, but this happens every day.

You may receive suggestions even from family and friends that suggest you sell your property to them or even a third party so that you can avoid foreclosure (DON’T DO THIS!!!! You will make it worse on yourself, if you do that). This Rarely works!

Everyone’s situation is unique . What worked for someone else, such as family, friends or co-workers, may not work for your situation, and you may have more options that other people do not have. Furthermore, each lender has its own ways of handling foreclosures and options available to those who want to avoid it.

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    At, we understand that you can become overwhelmed. We also know that your situation may be intimidating and it may seem that you have no hope. However, you do have options. You owe it to both yourself and your family to explore all of the potential options to avoid foreclosure and either keep your home or sell it at the highest possible price. Remember, your Equity is on the line. SAVE IT!

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    When choosing an agent, experience matters! It is important to work with an agent experienced in helping homeowner who are facing foreclosure. We have helped thousands of homeowners avoid foreclosure through various options. We have seen families struggling to hold onto homes or walking away from mortgages when, unknown to them, other options were available.

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