Property Investors in Foreclosure

Investors, Are you in foreclosure because of Covid-19? is a full-service real estate office providing expertise services for distressed investors facing foreclosure. Did your tenants stop paying their rent because of Covid-19? Were you stuck not being able to evict them? We specialize in several niche areas including pre-foreclosure services, short sale services and pre-foreclosure equity sales. We utilize 35+ years of experience to those investors who are, for various reasons (including Covid-19), facing the possibility of foreclosure. We evaluate each situation individually to help you determine which option is best for you.

Getashortsale team has represented and closed hundreds of Investors over the years that were behind on their payments in pre-foreclosure equity sales as well as short sale transactions .

We work with Investors to solve their business problems that started well,and then went south on them. We have worked with most lenders in the industry and know their process. We understand the complexities and processes of pre-foreclosure sales which include Equity Sales and short sales. As a result, investors truly rely on us and refer us to their family and friends.

We are members of several prestigious organizations, including:

● Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE)

● HAFA Certified

● Pre-Foreclosure Specialists

● Member of National Association of Realtors

● Member of California Association of Realtors

● Member of Pacific West Association of Realtors

● Member of Southern California Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

● Member of LoopNet Commercial Real Estate Listing Service


How are we different from other Realtors and Short Sale Services?

Choosing the right company to represent you is necessary for a successful transaction. We ARE FULL SERVICE (We handle everything from beginning to end). Experience in helping Investors that are behind in their payments, properties that are in foreclosure whether they have equity or need a short sales, exclusively as their only business model. We are NOT regular Realtors that do a couple of these types of sales when we have to. Every client we have has a bad financial situation going on and they need REAL ADVICE.

We Are a Full Service Real Estate Office and Handle Your Entire Transaction – (We Will Not Refer You to Another Realtor)

● We Are Local, and Licensed in California – We can schedule a time to address your particular situation.

● Over 30 Years of Experience Representing Distressed investors and Homeowners.

● All of Our Clients Are financially Distressed Property Owners or very close to it.

● High Success Rate Postponing Foreclosure Sales.

● Top Team Handling Pre-Foreclosure whether Equity sales or Short Sales since early 1990’s to present.

● If a Short Sale – No Commission, No Up-Front Fees or out of Pocket Fees. We Are Paid by Your Lender.

● We Respect Your Privacy – No Open Houses, No for Sale Signs, No Staging, No Repairs. We are as discreet as we are able.

● We Help Each Investor Specifically with their individual Circumstance – Not a “One Approach” Fits All.

● We Have Proven Strategies To Avoid Foreclosure – Experience Counts!

● We have built a team of very helpful and highly skilled individuals and companies, to help in all aspects of assisting people that have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. – Pre-Foreclosure Equity Sales and Short Sale Solutions

If you are a Southern California Investor facing foreclosure – We Can Help You Today!

Whether it be from Covid-19, Home equity line of credit re-setting, loss or reduction of income, Loss of RENTS or any other changes in your finances, WE CAN HELP YOU! are Certified Distressed Property Experts. We have experience stopping foreclosure sales (Trustees Sales) and avoiding foreclosure.

Experience Counts!

Call The Pre-Foreclosure Experts Today!


We provide services throughout Southern California including Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego and Ventura (in Certain Cases We Will Service The ENTIRE State Of California). If your property is outside California, we can refer you to one of partners throughout the Country. Please complete the form on this page or contact us today.

To get started, please contact us today to discuss your specific situation at 714-812-9773.