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We Help People

Most of our Clients are in the midst a financial situation/crisis when they call us. Most of the time it is when they have gotten behind on paying their mortgage(s). The back payments add up so fast that they can’t catch up. This happens from Medical issues, employment issues, Divorce, sometimes the condition of their property (needing repairs they can’t afford) and lately because of the Pandemic (Covid-19). Everyone’s situation is completely different from one another.

Our First Job Is To Listen…

We cannot help until we find out what the families financial issues are and what their desires are. We begin with either a quick in person (We come to you) or a telephone conversation which usually leads to us coming to you to sit down and discuss what going on in much more details (many times looking at mortgage statements, Notice of Defaults, Notice of Trustees Sale, letters from your lender, etc.). Are you just behind on your payments, has there been a Notice of Default recorded against the property already, has a Notice of Trustees Sale been recorded against the property? Are you in need of future purchases that need credit (like needing a new vehicle). It is very important for us to understand what is currently happening and what your long term needs and goals are. During this time we assess all your options and come up with solutions to meet each option.

What Steps to Take…

The Next Step is to choose the option(s) and solution(s) that will get you to your desired goals. We begin with examining your Options and coming up with the best Solutions that fit your specific needs. We then create the best game plan to meet your needs and goals. We then begin our work on those plans. That can be going towards stopping a foreclosure so you can save your home or get your equity out of the property, referring you to a company that can further help you like a competent bankruptcy attorney, competent lender to refinance, a renovation specialists, etc.) and/or if you want to do a sale to save your equity or doing a short sale for you, if you owe more on your property than it is worth. We are prepared to work as needed for you and your family.


You don’t have to interact or take any mistreatment from your bank again. We know your bank has mistreated you if you have gotten behind on your mortgage payments. We will now be your strong voice. We have the knowledge to make them work with us. You won’t have to experience the frustration of dealing with your bank again.