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This is what is now going on when you call your Bank/Lender

Banks/Lenders have a completely different attitude once you fall behind on your payments. They once treated you like a King or Queen. They would accommodate almost every request you had. That is, before you fell behind on your payments. Once you fell behind they sent you to a different department. Instead of talking to Customer Service which have always been so nice, you are now connected to the Delinquency Department.

The Delinquency Department has been trained differently. They are trained in collections. Their whole goal at work is to get you to make at least one payment. They will play on your emotions of doing “the right thing” They now call you everyday. Sometimes twice a day. It is so frustrating.

Next you are transferred to the Foreclosure Department. This happens when you get over 90 days behind on your mortgage. This is the next level of not being nice anymore. Besides the Multiple phone calls everyday, this department usually stops listening to you. They treat you as you are not telling the truth anymore. They don’t much help your family at all. They don’t participate much with your request. It becomes all about “the money” now. To recoup as much as they can from you.

The phone calls are now relentless and most likely your frustration level for the Bank/Lender is now at an all time high. Things are not making sense to you anymore. The Bank/Lender is making bad decisions and they don’t seem to be using any logic in their decision making.

This is Where We usually are asked to help

Our clients are at their wits end at this point. They are frustrated dealing with such illogical people at the Bank/Lender. Our clients are now “Needing A Little Help”. The great thing about us jumping in to help is the Banks/Lenders will usually listen to us. We speak business with them. We know or can get out of them, what they are looking for and we also let them know that we know what we are doing and that the problem is now being worked on in a professional way.

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