COVID-19 Foreclosure

Job Loss, Pay Cut because of Covid-19?

Are you one of the people that has lost their job or had a pay cut because of Covid-19 or even caught Covid-19. You are not alone. Right now it is said that 5% of homeowners (we believe it is more) are behind on their payments and facing foreclosure because of the pandemic. That is 1 out of 20 homeowners. It is being said that months from now it’s going up to 10% to 15%. Maybe even more here in California.

Especially here in California we have been hit with extra hard lock-downs because of this pandemic. Many people/ families that were very responsible paying there mortgages for years are now in trouble and many are way behind paying their mortgages. Families are at complete risk of loosing their homes or investments. Their Equity that they built over the years can disappear in a flash right before your eyes. Don’t let that happen to you. Call us, we can help. 714-812-9773

We know how to get your mortgage company to work with you. We can get them to understand that the pandemic caused the missing of your mortgage payments. Covid-19 is at fault.

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