OK, so we know this is a bit harsh but if someone approaches you and says anything close to the following:

“I’m an Investor and I can help you – It can be a win – win for both of us”)

Be Very careful… EVEN RUN…

This scenario plays out on a daily basis. The number one thing to know/remember, is your mortgage is in your name not theirs. This is an important strategy for them. Overall these investors are at your door to make money for themselves, NOT YOU. They have went to seminar after seminar (you have heard about them on TV and the radio) to find out how to find you (people in distress) and find out how to get rich quick. Do not fall for their tactics. They have been taught what to say and how to say things from these seminars. They prey upon your emotions and financial hardship.

Here are just a few of the offers/tactics:

“just deed your property to me/us and we will handle everything for you”.

“Sell it to me/us and you can stay in your property and rent from us. We will pay the mortgage”. They won’t. They will take all your rent you pay them and not pay the mortgage that is in your name. Property will be foreclosed on in your name and they take off scott free.

● “Deed the property to me/us and we will do a short sale through your Bank/Lender for you”

There are many more scenarios/offers they make to you. We know they do sound appealing at the time.

Our suggestion is stay as far away from these “Investors” as you can.

So your questioning what should you do?

That Makes Sense…

You are doing the right thing searching for help on the internet…

Think of it this way…

If an unknown email came in and asked you to give your User Name and Password of your account to them (usually, Phishing Scams from out of the country) you would Never do that over email. Instead, you would do your own inquiry directly with the company you have an account with and ask them if they are trying to contact you.

Its the Same here. These Unknown “Investors” are coming to your door or making a phone call to you, just like a “Phishing Email”. Why would you ever trust one of thes “Investors” that shows up at your door uninvited?

Do your own research…

Find a company that has been in business for a long time.

● Find a company that specializes in the services that you need.

● Find a company that knows what you are going through.

● Find a company that is licensed in the state of California.

Find a company that is reputable and has hundreds of customers they have helped.


● We Are Local and Licensed in California – We Come to You or Can Handle Everything Online.

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