Should I just Walk Away from my Property?

The most straight forward answer is NO!

It is an extremely rare case that a person should accept a Foreclosure. The reason is there are so many laws in your favor that protect you from the Credit Destroying result from foreclosure. You have so many options because of these laws. The banks/Lenders also offer so many option to prevent foreclosures themselves. As much as you might not believe this, Banks/Lenders dislike to foreclose. They have so many laws to follow. They have attorney fees, they have auction fees, they have holding fees and the have to take money out of their financial holdings and place that money in a separate place per the law (They CANNOT use that money to make money anymore). It’s very expensive for them to foreclose.


What Do You Do Then?

● You need to find out how all of those laws help you. You need to find out what are your options and how do they work in your favor.

● The main thing to know is time is not on your side. Every day that passes potentially limits your options.

● Once you know all of your options, you can now make an informed and educated decision of what direction to go.

● Call us immediately. We will happily listen to you and fill you in with all of your potential options including the positives and negative ones. If you decide you might want to file for Bankruptcy we will also refer you to a very competent attorney. What have you got to lose?


(Very Important)

Do NOT. Let us repeat this DO NOT fall for the trick that Banks/Lenders try to trick you into.

DO NOT EVER sign a DEED IN LUEI OF FORECLOSURE – Foreclosure and Short Sale Solutions

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